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Events: Chinese New Year

China Musings: A Fashion Journey

8.30am to 6.00pm Monday 30 January 2017 – Friday 10 February 2017

Event hosted by: Fashion Council of WA

Free Exhibition at Brookfield Place

Be transported to another world where soft silks, intricate embellishments and sharp tailoring convey stories that transcend time and place in a uniquely WA exhibition.

China Musings: A Fashion Journey will offer an enchanting interpretation of Chinese design while reveling in the talent of our local creatives.

The exhibition will showcase the work of 12 leading WA designers who have been commissioned to create a bespoke couture ensemble that communicates their ideas on Chinese style. Each outfit is a standout showpiece, fusing the designer’s signature aesthetic with cultural references and symbols that honour tradition. These spectacular creations will be displayed in Brookfield Place, giving Western Australians the opportunity to take a journey through China’s rich cultural heritage.

The designers invited by Fashion Council WA to participate in China Musings: A Fashion Journey represent the best of the State’s creative talent, each offering a distinctive vision and skillset that makes for a mesmerising showcase overall:

  • 33 Poets
  • Ae’lkemi
  • Betty Tran
  • Elle Campbell
  • Empire Rose
  • Garth Cook
  • Jonté
  • Mischka Aoki
  • Monster Alphabets
  • One Fell Swoop
  • Rosemaree White
  • Steph Audino

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Brookfield Place Tower 1 Lobby

125 St Georges Terrace , Perth